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Prof. Dr. Md Shahriar Parvez

Senior Faculty Member and Academic Advisor

Professor Md. Shahriar Parvez is the founder and chief executive officer of Independent Perception and Research Hub in Bangladesh, Professor of tourism economics and ethics at ACHM, Bangladesh and the country director of the EuroMed Research Business Institute(EMRBI) in the European Union. He is an accomplished scholar and researcher. He was active in a wide range of prestigious academic institutions, research centers, publishing companies, associations, and organizations. A social activist, Prof. M.S. Parvez will get a "Certificate of Ambassadorship" from SPSC Ambassador UK in February 2023astheUN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 Quality Education Ambassador.


Research Areas: Prof. Md Shahriar Parvez has commenced his career as a novel profession that is teaching (University Faculty) and research for last 15 years and it’s his inimitable activates to conduct, Headship, Program coordination, lectures, academic counseling, invigilation, question paper moderation and internship thesis paper supervision & Research for graduate and post graduate level, and involved in educational evaluation project with World Bank and UGC Bangladesh. His research area has included Finance, Banking, Development Economics, and Tourism with a special focus on Microfinance, Micro insurance, Financial and Eco Tourism. He has also involved with multi focus research areas such as Marketing (CSR, CKM) and Social Science. Currently he has total 29 published research papers in different national, international journals and conferences. He is very simple in person and always believes that knowledge is power for freedom.


National and International Affiliation:

  1. Country Director EuroMed Research Business Institute- EMRBI,Cyprus. European Union

  2.  Advisor Bangladesh Tourism Explorers Association (BTEA)

  3.  Associate Editor of World Journal of Social Sciences – Australia

  4. International Reviewer, Horizon Research Publishing(HRPUB), USA.

  5. Associate Fellow & Reviewer of World Business Institute-WBI, Australia

  6. Life Member, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh-ASB, Bangladesh.

  7. Life Member, Bangladesh Economic Association-BEA, Bangladesh.

  8. Ex- Chairman (Department of Business Administration, City University Bangladesh)

  9.  EX-Chair PSAC (IQAC, DBA), City University Bangladesh (Under UGC, and World Bank Funding)

  10.  EX-Head SAC (IQAC, DBA), City University Bangladesh, (Under UGC,and World Bank Funding)

  11.  EX-Visiting Faculty (Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Royal University Bangladesh)

  12. Training Commissioner, JCI, Dhaka, Aspire (2022-2023)

  13. Life Member: International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS) , Japan.

Prof. Dr. Md Shahriar Parvez
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