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Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Management




6 Months


About the Course

Course Overview

The subject matter of Peace and Conflict studies requires an understanding of the causes and nature of incessant conflicts and proliferation of violence in Societies. It requires an appreciation of the character of the State and Society and complex interactions among the complexities and heterogeneous nature of societies. Issues relating to the vulnerability of the state to potential threats to human and internal Security, violence, social, political and economic, post-election violence, justice system, cultural violence etc, are recurring themes in peace and conflict studies. Entrants into the field of conflict and peace studies require an appreciation of these basic precepts. The Program is thus designed to provide broad foundation and exposure to students on these basics.

Objectives of the Program

Ø Enable graduates to acquire advanced skills and competence in diverse areas of Peace and Conflict Studies, Humanitarian and Refugee studies and Peace Building.

Ø Train graduates to develop ability for critical thinking and judgment through a broad knowledge of theoretical and practical issues in Peace Studies, Humanitarian and Refugee studies and Peace building.

Ø Train skilled manpower for educational institutions, public bureaucracy, private sector and international agencies.

Ø Enable graduates to acquire entrepreneurial skills that will make them successful in public life and to become self-employed.

Ø Produce graduates who are equipped with knowledge and skills that will assist them in future work in academia, public bureaucracy, private enterprises and international organizations.

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