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Academics at Global Interfaith University

Global Interfaith University (GIU) is officially recognized by California University FCE (CUFCE)- the professional Evaluator of US State-Approved Universities. California University FCE (CUFCE) is commissioned to evaluate the curricula of state approved Colleges and Universities that apply for Regional and National Accreditation. This means that our Doctorate, Masters and Baccalaureate Degrees Curriculum have been evaluated and our University has passed all the minimum academic requirements.  Global Interfaith University accepts transfer credits from all accredited colleges and universities in the world. Our University has a very flexible credit transfer policy. We accept external credentials and other specific training programs that have been reviewed for college credits.  Such credits can be applied to any part of your degree program, provided they are relevant, appropriate and do not exceed the limitation of transferable credits. Global Interfaith University offers the following Degrees, Diplomas and certificates at the Graduate and Undergraduates levels:

PhD Programs

1. PhD in Restorative Justice                   

2. PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies      

3. PhD in Comparative Religions             

4. PhD in Organizational Leadership        

5. PhD in Islamic Religious Studies          

6. PhD in Christian Education                 

7. Doctorate of Business Administration  8. PhD by Research via Distance Learning 

Masters Programs

1. MA in Religious Studies                       

2.MA in Interfaith Studies         

3. MA in Philosophy                   

4.MA in Islamic Religious Studies          

5. MA in Peace and Conflict Studies         6. MA in Human Resource Management   7. MA in Business Management        

8. MA in General Management  

Bachelors Programs

1. BA in Religious Studies                      

2. BA in Spirituality & Holistic Health       

3. BA in International Relations               

4. BA in Entrepreneurial Studies            

5. BA in Special Education              

6. BA in Sociology    

Global Interfaith University also offers several other programs, in collaboration with the Joint University Degree and Partnership Program (JUDAP) and our Partner Universities. For inquiries regarding these programs, send an email to: 

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