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Global Interfaith University does not discriminate on the basis of religion, faith, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, political or cultural orientation. Admission to Global Interfaith University is available to applicants in any part of the world, who meet the academic and character requirements and are committed to complying with the University’s policies. To apply for admissions to Global Interfaith University, applicants must complete the appropriate Student Application Form, and return with all requested documentations to the Admissions Officer at: 

Admission Requirements

  • Completed General Student Application Form

  • One time Registration Fee of $100

  • Birth Certificate/Evidence of date of Birth

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Proof of Completion of a Bachelors or Masters Degree from an accredited University or College

  • Official Transcripts

  • Global Interfaith University accepts Credit Transfers from other Universities and Colleges. For further assistance in this regard, kindly consult the Admissions Office

Global Interfaith University has open admission throughout the year. Students can enroll at any time and graduate when their course work is completed. Course work completion is a mandatory requirement for graduation and award of degrees.

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