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Prof Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar

Professor and Senior Academic Advisor

Prof Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar is a renowned Indian Professor, global educator, Scientist, Counsellor, Published Author, Social Activist and International speaker. He has over 850 International, National and state awards as well as 15 World records at the age of 28.  He is Fellow of Royal University Syngapore.

Prof. Dr. Mungekar completed his education in Biotechnology and obtained a Ph.D. in Spectroscopy. His academic excellence and passion for teaching led him to work as a Visiting lecturer at V.J.T.I. college, Mumbai, where he had completed his diploma. He was also guided by a renowned scientist, Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, who had a significant impact on his career. Prof. Dr. Mungekar's contributions to education and research are immeasurable. He has published over 45 research papers and articles in various international and national journals, magazines, and newspapers. He has also authored several books, including "Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals," which has won several international awards and is now a part of the Atlantean Education Program. His other books, "Education- An Eternal Asset" and "Leadership & Change Superintendence," & Amazon Best Seller “Stem Cell Science” are highly acclaimed and available on leading platforms like Amazon. His dedication to education and sustainable development has been recognized by various international organizations. He has been appointed to 65+ high positions by them and has received 950+ International, National & State Awards, 8 National Patents, and 15 World Records for his contribution to Teaching & Research.

Prof. Dr. Mungekar has also taught more than 12000+ students and has career-guided 35000+ students to date. His exceptional work has been recognized by the Kingdom of Atlantis, where he has been appointed as the Planetary Minister of Sustainable Development. He is also the first Indian to be appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of four different universities - Unified Theological Seminary USA, University of Kingdom of Atlantis, Singapore, Webiston University, Zimbabwe, and Wisdom University Gombe, Nigeria, Ybarra University, Philippines.


Prof. Dr. Mungekar has received many prestigious titles throughout his career, including Lecturus Magnificus (L.M.), H.R.H. 5* Duke, and H.R.H. SIR. He is the first youngest Indian to receive Mendeleev's Fellowship, which is the United Kingdom's highest academic honor. His work has also been recognized by Institución Cultural Colombiana Casa Poética Magia y Plumas, Colombia South America, where he received the distinguished title "Professor Wisdom".

Prof. Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar's life and achievements are nothing short of inspiring. He has overcome numerous obstacles to achieve remarkable success in his career and has become an inspiration to many. Dr. Mungekar's relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence is a testament to his dedication and commitment to education, research, arts, and social services. His story is a reminder that with hard work and perseverance, anyone can achieve their dreams and make. He currently holds the following positions, among several others:

·     Founder & Pro-Chancellor at The University of Expertise

·     Co-Founder & Protocol Officer at Big Brain Brilliance Knowledge Hub & DiAS Driving Aspiration

·     International Dean of College at The CCOL London U.K.(Crates of Mallus Cambridge for Open Learning ) Graduate School of Professionals

·     Vice Chancellor at Unified Theological Seminary, USA.

·     Global Vice Chancellor Wisdom University Gombe Nigeria.

·     Global Vice Chancellor at Webiston International Bible University 7th Nov 2022

·     Global Vice Chancellor at Royal University of the Kingdom of Atlantis Singapore.

·     Planetary Minister of Sustainable Development of Kingdom of Atlantis (KOA A Decentralised Sovereign Kingdom) H.R.H.5 Star Duke Prof.Dr.Pratik Rajan Mungekar

·     Vice Chancellor at Ybarra Scholars & Fellows Society/ University of Ybarra Philippines and India

·     Provost of All Asia at African Union University

·     Provost of All Asia at Council of Global Accreditation for Private Universities and College Association

·     World Peace Committee Chairman for India

·     Commander at World Anti Corruption Council Indonesia

Prof Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar
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