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GIU Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Joint University Degree Program

Global Interfaith University has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the with Joint University Degree Program (JUDAP), for international academic collaboration. This is an initiative for international academic partnership and collaboration. Partner Universities in this program are government-approved, accredited in their respective countries, globally recognized and can be evaluated by WES for immigration purposes. This means that all JUDAP graduates can seek for further studies, work and make career anywhere in the world.

The MoU is based on the foundation of mutual trust for the mutual benefit and development of the two universities and the promotion of international understanding and good will. The MoU seeks to, among other things, promote and develop academic cooperation through research and the presentation and publication of its results, exchange and sharing of academic materials, publications, and other scientific information, faculty and student exchange for immersion and research activities, cooperation in international conferences sponsored by both universities and other educational and academic exchanges of common interest to both universities.

The Joint University Degree and Partnership Program is an international Degree partnership with Universities in Nigeria, offering academic programs that are jointly approved by some foreign universities and selected Nigerian Universities with similar academic vision and mission. Prospective students are able to select desired courses of study with basic and universally acceptable modes of entry. The program subjects our students to national qualifications as well as international standards of assessment.


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