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GIU Partners Northwest International University (NIU), Armenia

We are pleased to announce that Global Interfaith University (GIU) has, on May 9, 2024, established a strategic academic partnership with Northwest International University (NIU).  The partnership is based on the foundation of mutual trust for the mutual benefit and development of both institutions and the promotion of international understanding and good will. 

The scope of the partnership includes the following:

a.       Research collaboration in the areas of mutual interest

b.      Reciprocal accreditations, affiliations, students exchange and transfers

c.       Dual Degrees and Certifications

d.      Exchange of academic materials which are made available by both parties

e.       Exchange of visiting research scholars

f.        Cooperative symposia, seminars, workshops and conferences


Northwest International University (NIU) is an independent, centralized staff management, borderless and non-government entity with validated licenses approved by several countries. The university cooperates with a number of national, regional and international associations, organizations and academic centers in the fields of science, education and research. The University also plans and implements innovative measures in the field of higher education development, labor market needs for skilled manpower and new scientific and technological changes continuously.


Northwest International University (NIU) is licensed and accredited by several national, regional and global agencies and centers, including:

a.       Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia

b.      Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia

c.       Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia

d.      European Agency for Higher Education and Accreditation (EAHEA)

e.       California University FCE

f.        Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific

g.      Government of the National Territory of Delhi

h.      Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Education (ACEEE)


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