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Prof. Rania Lampou

Executive Director in Education, FORUM+36 Peace &Unity, Mentor & Advisor

Prof. Dr. Rania Lampou is a Global Educator, a STEM instructor, an ICT teacher-trainer, and a Primary School teacher in Greece. She has a post-graduate degree (M.Ed.) in language teaching related to cognitive neurosciences and she is also a passionate researcher on cognitive psychology, cognitive neurosciences and neuroeducation. Currently, she is a STEM instructor at the Greek Astronomy and Space Company (Annex of Salamis) and she is also working at the Greek Ministry of Education, at the Directorate of Educational Technology and Innovation where she writes STE(A)M projects for Greek schools. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Leadership, Education and Development, USA.

She has been awarded many national and international prizes (so far 60) and she is a "Global Teacher Award 2020" (AKS Awards) winner and a "Global Teacher Prize finalist 2019" (Varkey Foundation). Recently she has been selected as "Global Icon 2020" featured in "Passion Vista" Magazine and among the 100 most successful women in business featured in an Amazon book. She promotes STEM vision by introducing STEM in astronomy and physics projects and combines STEM with Language Teaching. She is the founder and international coordinator of five innovative international projects that focus on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals described in the 2030 Agenda. She is also an author of scientific books for kids.

Furthermore, she is a social activist, a global peace ambassador and ambassador of the Ecumenical Delphic Union. She is also a part of the educational committee of the Ecumenical Delphic Union in collaboration with Harvard University. She has received two humanitarian awards and many peace awards from International Humanitarian Organizations.

Recently she became International Ambassador of Volunteerism and Education of the Greek "Academy of Volunteerism and Education Help Hellas". She is the President (for Greece) of "International Art Acts" and "Access to Human Rights International", Chairperson (for Greece) of "Ladies of All Nations International", International Executive Member of "Global Edu Leaders Forum, "Honorary Ambassador of "Charles Walter's Society for Innovation and Research", Education Ambassador& Member of the International Organization of Educators and Researchers Inc. (IOER), Ambassador of the National Education Policy 2020 of India (Nep2020), International Advisor of the: "South Asian Institute of Advanced Research and Development", "Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development", "K12 Digest Magazine", "International Youth Society", "Global Peace Councils" and a mentor of the "100 mentors" platform. She is also Country Head of "LEAD Philippines", of "World Voice International" and "Academic Development for Global Leadership in Education". She is also a social activist, a Global Peace Ambassador and Executive Director in Education of "FORUM+36 Peace &Unity"

She is an Editorial Board Member of many journals. She has presented her research in numerous international conferences and e-conferences and she has published work in various journals.

+1 (302) 729 8823

Prof. Rania Lampou
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