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Sushmita Usha Devarajan

Conflict transformation practitioner, ICC Certified Transformation Coach, ADR Chambers Certified Mediator, Virtual Exchange and Design Expert

Sushmita Usha Devarajan is a conflict transformation practitioner. She gave up her stable fashion career of 8 years and started from scratch as a volunteer at a conflict resolution organization. This was in response to her inner voice that called her do what is meaningful at her core. She saw that for her it was to work towards bringing people together to coexist in more a peaceful world.

Passionate about enabling people to engage with differences and building authentic human connections, Sushmita has been working as a coach, dialogue facilitator, trainer and mediator. She consults with individuals and groups helping them to better understand differences and work towards transforming conflict - inner and outer - into learning and growth moments. She has consulted with grass-roots and government organizations, educational institutions, non-profits and corporations. She works with individuals as a transformation coach. You can read more about her work background here.

Sushmita is a Virtual Exchange and Design Officer at , a non-profit based out of New York and Tunis, that works in the field of higher education pairing the power of technology and the science of dialogue to meaningfully transform communities.

Sushmita is an ICC certified Transformation Coach and ADR chambers certified Mediator. She was chosen to represent India in the UNAOC summer school of 2014 in New York, that brought together youth leaders from around the globe to connect, engage and learn together new ways of to address pressing global challenges, within the context of cultural and religious diversity.

In the 14 years of this work, she has become more aware that a peaceful world is not dependent on coexistence just among the human species but among all species, when they live in harmony -with oneself, with each other as well as with the planet. Her efforts in the recent years have been to expand this awareness and to enliven this universal interconnectedness, in her personal self as much as in others.

She lives in Bangalore in the South of India, with her 3 beautiful children and two adorable dogs. Raising them lovingly and mindfully has been an incredible learning experience for her. Her kids and her mother are among the ones who brought the best out of her!

+1 (302) 729 8823

Sushmita Usha Devarajan
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