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Global Interfaith University signs Memorandum of Understanding with IPRH

Global Interfaith University has today, April 10, 2023, signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Independent Perception & Research Hub. The Independent Perception & Research Hub is an international research center founded by Prof. Md Shahriar Parvez, a Development Economist, Academic & Independent Researcher. It is an Educational Research and Consultation Center for the talent researchers and educational scholars for sharing their perception on different issues and facts. The main goal of IPRH is to enlighten the independent perception of individual thoughts by the knowledge sharing, providing research news, and training, brainstorming, and research projects, consultation with innovative ideas and organizing talk shows with different research persons from different areas around the world. IPRH aims to achieve these through the IPRH Research Centre (IPRH's Research Centre for Research Innovation and Development and associated institutions), cross-cultural research, collaborative projects, consultancy, and fundraising are carried out. encouraging dialogue between the business community and the academic community, and supporting researchers and practitioners in staying current with regional business changes; creating international collaborations between institutions and nations; Offering business consulting, in-house business training and workshops for executives; Promoting excellence and innovation in business research; Offering Honorary Fellowships to individuals in recognition of extraordinary and distinguished services to the Institute, or to the Academic, Professional or Political environment; Organizing an Weekly, Monthly, Annual Conference; Access to a broad network of prestigious institutions, organizations, and people (academics, researchers, and professionals) who are known to be of the highest caliber in their respective professions; Access to and utilization of IPRH’s infrastructure to promote research and teaching excellence; utilizing IPRH's infrastructure and experience to organize workshops, internal seminars, consultancy projects, and training programs; Exploration of new opportunities for international business consulting; Co-organization of international conferences, seminars and executive workshops; and many more. So interested true research scholars are most welcome to join with IPRH and follow this page and share your innovative ideas and research and contribute to this society and the world as a whole, because IPRH always believes that knowledge is power.


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