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Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba, PhD

President, Global Interfaith University

PhD, Comparative Religions, CSML Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA, MBA General Management, Italy

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Dr. Petar Gramatikoff

PhD. Theology (General Church History), Chief Expert on Religious Questions, Directorate of Social Policy, Municipality of Plovdiv, Bulgaria


His Grace Salika Dasa

Member, Executive Committee

Global Council Trustee, United Religions Initiative (UIR), Temple President, International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Nigeria

Ms. Greshma P. Raju

Secretary, Executive Committee

Secretary, Executive Committee, Global Interfaith University, M.A International Peace Studies, UN Mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica

Syed Amjad Ali Shah

Member, Executive Committee

Country Director, Minhaj Welfare Foundation, , Experienced Educator, Intra- and Interfaith leader, Pakistan

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