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Religious Studies




48 Weeks


About the Course

About the Program

The Philosophy of the program is enshrined on the need to produce graduates who would not only understand the various religious traditions of the world but would also apply their learning to the human relations as it affects social and economic situations in contemporary society. The courses are fundamentally predicated on the desire to sharpen the students’ intellect and to cultivate in them a scientific and analytic approach to the study of religions and social relationships.

Objectives of the Program

Ø To acquaint the students with the main contents of the major religious traditions in the world, namely: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and other Traditional Religions.

Ø To present religion as an aspect of human behavior in a society

Ø To study religions from their sociological, philosophical and political dimensions

Ø To ensure that human values and good morals emerge and are embraced

Ø To produce manpower in the following areas: teaching, administration, social work and various ministries of the Church

Ø To emphasizes the academic contents of religious studies with a view to producing minds of a spectrum conducive to a pluralistic world. As such, it is distinct from the degree obtainable from the Theological Colleges and the Seminaries.

Overall Core – 149

Overall Electives – 15

Overall Total – 1164

Your Instructor

MD. Abu Taher

Md. Abu Taher is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of World Religions and Culture in the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He earned B.A. Hons. in History, M.A. in World Religions and Culture and M.Phil. in World Religions and Culture. He was also awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Youth Development and Work under the Commonwealth Youth Programme. Abu Taher has successfully completed one-year fellowship programme on Interfaith Dialogue from KAICIID, Austria on November of 2017.

MD. Abu Taher
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