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48 Weeks


About the Course

About the Program

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Degree program in Philosophy is designed to enable students have an in – depth knowledge of the core sub-disciplines of Philosophy and also in applied Philosophy. In this regard, emphasis is placed on students’ acquisition of analytical, critical and logical skills which are required in facing challenges within and outside the university setting. It also enables students who pass through the program to contribute meaningfully to issues of development in the world

Objectives of the Program

Ø To stimulate students’ critical and analytical skills and thus enhance their intellectual autonomy and liberation from slavery of emotions, inclinations and prejudices.

Ø Popularize the study of philosophy as an academic discipline and providing a critical and analytically equipped reservoir of manpower for societal governance and development

Ø Prepare candidates to pursue higher degrees in philosophy towards providing the much needed academic staff to teach the two compulsory GST philosophy courses(i.e. History and Philosophy of Science and Logic) foe the award of Bachelor’s degree in Nigerian Higher Institutions.

Ø Contribute to the creating of a society imbued with the ideals and tendencies of philosophical reasoning and dispositions which are sine qua non for technological developments.

Total for all Semesters Cumulative Units of Core – 125

Cumulative Units of Electives – 20

Cumulative Total – 145

Minimum Number of Units to graduate- 120

Your Instructor

Dr. Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba

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Dr. Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba
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