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Religion and Peace Studies




12 Months


About the Course

Philosophy of the Program

Ø To pursue a scholarly inquiry that seeks to discover, identify, establish, preserve and defend truth, principle, justice and integrity among other impartial and eternal values.

Ø To inculcate sound biblical, theological and religious knowledge and skills that facilitates mutual understanding, dialogue, tolerance, discipline and cooperation among diverse religions.

Objectives of the Program

Ø To provide specialized training of man power for teaching, research, public service, private sector and Christian ministries.

Ø To equip and develop individuals with sound knowledge, critical reasoning, good character, innovative mind, enterprising socio-economic orientation and responsible leadership

Admission Requirements

Ø Successful completion of Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Ø Professional Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Ø Completion and submission of GIU Student Admission Form

Ø Copies of certificates and transcripts

Ø English proficiency- Ability to write and communicate in English

Your Instructor

MD Abu Taher

Md. Abu Taher is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of World Religions and Culture in the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He earned B.A. Hons. in History, M.A. in World Religions and Culture and M.Phil. in World Religions and Culture. He was also awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Youth Development and Work under the Commonwealth Youth Programme. Abu Taher has successfully completed one-year fellowship programme on Interfaith Dialogue from KAICIID, Austria on November of 2017.

MD Abu Taher
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