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Religion and Peace Studies




36 Weeks


About the Course

Global Interfaith University Ph.D in Religion and Peace Studies Overview

The Religion and Peace Studies PhD is a professional research course that exposes learners to concepts, in-depth knowledge, understanding and skills, relating to religion and peace in the contemporary world. The supports learners to develop the understanding and critical skills they need to conduct pioneering, rigorous, and interdisciplinary research that advances peace practice in diverse religious and cultural contexts. The PhD in Religion and Peace Studies has been designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in contexts related to peace and conflict studies that are entangled with aspects of religious and cultural traditions.

Learning and teaching

The Course is taught by expert academics and professors, including industry professionals and postgraduate researchers with years of experience. The modules are taught through a combination of Online, Distance Learning lectures and seminars, where students also have the opportunity to discuss any issues with their tutors and fellow students. Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor/Supervisor from the beginning of the Course, and especially while they work on their Dissertations. Global Interfaith University also encourages independent study, which helps students to develop their skills and pursue their interests even more intimately.

Philosophy of the Program

Ø To pursue a scholarly inquiry that seeks to discover, identify, establish, preserve and defend truth, principle, justice and integrity among other impartial and eternal values.

Ø To inculcate sound biblical, theological and religious knowledge and skills that facilitates mutual understanding, dialogue, tolerance, discipline and cooperation among diverse religions.

Objectives of the Program

Ø To provide specialized training of human power for teaching, research, public service, private sector and Christian ministries.

Ø To equip individuals with sound knowledge, critical reasoning, good character, innovative mind, enterprising socio-economic orientation and responsible leadership

Areas of Specialization in Religious Studies

Ø Sociology of Religion

Ø Comparative Religion

Research Thesis

Each student, having completed course work, shall carry out an in-depth research. The report of the research shall be a written Thesis for Ph.D. between 52, 500 and 105,000 words (150 and 300 pages). For each of the Ph.D. Degrees, an oral examination shall be conducted by an approved External Examiner.

Admission Requirements

Ø Successful completion of Masters Degree

Ø Professional Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Ø Completion and submission of GIU Student Admission Form

Ø Copies of certificates and transcripts

Ø English proficiency- Ability to write and communicate in English

Your Instructor

Prof. Dr. Petar Gramatikoff

Dr. Petar Grigorov Gramatikov holds a PhD in Theology, specializing in General Church History from the Orthodox Theological Faculty, Veliko Tarnovo University "St. st. Cyril and Methodius". His Doctoral Thesis was on "The Council of Philippopolis and Arianism in the East". From 2010 to 2011, he served as Hon. Assistant in "History of Christianity", at the Department of Orthodox Church Music, Chair "Theory and History of Music" at the Faculty Pedagogy of Music/Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts. He is currently, from 2009 to date, an Expert in Religious Questions, at the Directorate of Social Policy, Municipality of Plovdiv, in Bulgaria. From 2008 to 2009, he was Hon. Assistant of Biblical Archaeology and Biblical Hebrew, at the Faculty of Philosophy and History, University of Plovdiv "PaisiyHilendarski".

Prof. Dr. Petar Gramatikoff
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